Welcome to Washpod

Australia’s leading aqueous high impact parts washer

- Free Installation
- Loading Parts Basket Available
- Fixed Rental Rate
- 100% Tax Deductible (Rental Option)
- All Service & Maintenance included
The Washpod - Australian International Design Awards Nominee

Washpod is faster

75% shorter wash cycle times

Reduced Cleaning Time
- it provides a reduced cleaning time compared to both manual parts cleaner and other automatic parts cleaning systems.  This in turn results in reduced energy consumption and power costs;
Ease of Maintenance - the entire product has been designed specifically for reduced maintenance time and cost;

Washpod is cleaner

30x greater cleaning force than its closest competitors

Superior Cleaning Performance - it offers superior cleaning performance compared to both manual parts washers and other automatic parts washing systems. The most important design feature in the WASHPOD™ range leading to enhanced cleaning performance is the Reciprocating Moving Manifold.

Washpod is safer

25% safer operating at 60°C
& "auto-braked" turntable

Improved Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)
– the reduced operating temperature in our parts washer is safer for operators.  Similarly, a milder detergent is used which is less likely to result in dermatological problems for the operator;
Low noise output;
Pneumatic controlled Lid for safer operation

Washpod is greener

50% less energy & uses mild
bio-degradable detergents

More Environmentally Friendly – the
‘quick-break’ non-emulsifying detergents used in WASHPOD™ are bio-degradable, unlike the solvents and detergents used in many other parts washing systems. A built-in Wash-water Treatment Cell means that the effluent water from the unit is pure enough to be released into municipal waste water systems (subject to local regulations).